Goddess, Be Nourished

This is a divinely healing package designed to acknowledge a special woman on a marked occasion, celebration or transition such as a birthday, Mother’s Day, graduation, loss or promotion. Or, just for fun! From beginning to end, this Goddess will feel absolutely pampered, cared for and adored.

  • She will arrive and be anointed with essential oils, served tea and fruit and soak her feet in an aromatherapy foot bath.
  • Next, she will receive a 60-minute Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) with a Marma Facial Massage and Herbal Scalp Treatment.
  • Then, she will be wrapped in warm, Herbal Mineral Mud while she receives Shirodhara Bliss Therapy. She will get up from her session in a completely sublime and peaceful state.
  • After her shower, the Goddess will be served a refreshing beverage and sent on her way with her choice of an Ayurvedic Skin Care product, handmade by Sarah.

~ This is truly a package fit for a Queen

180 minutes, with one therapist: $425

180 minutes, with two therapists: $495


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