Embrace Ayurveda


Dear Friends and Clients ~ These days, I primarily offer  Long-Distance Ayurvedic Consultations, Follow-Up Consultations and 3-Month Health Coaching via phone or Zoom. Please reach out if you would like ongoing support in this way.

I will be seeing clients in Seattle every couple months or so for in-person Ayurvedic Massage and bodywork sessions and consultations. You can access my online calendar HERE . If you wish to receive regular Ayurvedic bodywork, please ask me about local referrals. I know a handful of highly skilled practitioners I feel confident referring you to.

I am currently partnering with two of my sister Ayurveda centers to provide you with the highest quality Panchakarma retreats, both rural and urban. They are booking up quickly so please inquire with me if you are interested in receiving Panchakarma this year.

Going forward, I will be expanding my online programs, launching my new Ayurveda skincare line and writing more informative articles. These are all very exciting projects for me!

I personally feel that connection with ourselves, Nature, each other and Divine Source is essential. May you be connected and supported in all ways.  ~ Sarah Kruse


About US

At Embrace Ayurveda, we offer you traditional Ayurvedic Consultations, Health Coaching and
nurturing treatments, including: Ayurvedic Massage – Abhyanga, Shirodhara,
Panchakarma and customized rejuvenation packages. Come to be deeply relaxed and nourished.