Embrace Ayurveda

in Seattle


Due to recent circumstances concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19), Embrace Ayurveda will be offering limited services through July 2020.  We will be providing selected treatments at our Seattle office.  Once you make a treatment appointment, we will be contacting you directly to go over safety protocols.  We are using Zoom for online Ayurvedic Consultations and Health Coaching programs.  If you wish to meet in person for an Ayurvedic Consultation, please email or call Sarah directly to discuss this.  We are also scheduling Panchakarma retreats this fall.  We want to thank all of our wonderful clients for continuing to support Embrace Ayurveda and look forward to connecting with you soon!  

~ Sarah Kruse


About US

At Embrace Ayurveda In Seattle, we offer you traditional Ayurvedic Consultations and
treatments, including: Ayurvedic Massage – Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Swedana,
Panchakarma and customized rejuvenation packages. Our team of skilled
practitioners are committed to having you experience the highest caliber of
wellness and profound nurturing. Come to be deeply relaxed and be nourished.