To be successful with an Ayurvedic lifestyle or new program, we don’t need to be perfect.

One thing I tell my Ignite Your Life Reset clients is that it’s better to aim for progress rather than perfection. 

If we feel we must follow a program perfectly, all the time, we are unlikely to succeed in the long term. We are human. We lead very busy lives. Sometimes we may fall off our program, even with the best intentions.

It is important that we are kind and gentle with ourselves.

For example, my pitta dosha-type client Jennifer was very excited about getting going with her new self-care practices and morning and evening routines. She followed her plan quite well for the first week. Then her kid got sick, and her dog needed to go to the vet unexpectedly. She ended up missing some work, getting behind with household chores and then, guess what?

Her morning and evening routines dropped out one by one, then she stopped doing them altogether.

She even started eating ice cream before bed again.

Jennifer was feeling badly about herself and didn’t want to tell me she had quit her self-care practices.

In our next session, she finally told me what happened. She was feeling so good that first week and then life happened, and she stopped taking care of herself.

Women holding her head in her hands.

This is exactly what I coach most of my clients on:

~ Practice progress over perfection ~

Jennifer has since learned that she does not need to strive for perfection.

If three of her morning practices drop out sometimes, but she chooses to have her warm lemon elixir be non-negotiable, she is winning.  Doing one nourishing practice is better than none.


Do you see how that works?

On days when she has more time, she can prioritize her self-care and bring her other favorite practices back in.

Another thing I often hear myself telling my clients is that: it’s what we do most of the time that counts.

For example, if we stick to our ideal bedtime for five nights a week, then occasionally stay up late on the weekends with social activities, it’s okay.  As long as we return to our regular rhythms, again and again.  When we prioritize our bedtime most nights, our nervous system, hormones and metabolism will thank us.

With so many tasks to keep up with, people to care for and societal pressures, daily life can feel overwhelming. I completely get it and experience it myself at times.

That’s when I try to remember to ask myself: what will support and nourish me the most right now?  Sitting at the computer for one more hour or getting outside for some fresh air and sunshine?

Usually, when we drop in and listen to our hearts, we’ll get the clear message and know what to do. That’s how powerful and magical this can be.

So, if you’ve been considering joining my Reset, checking in for an Ayurvedic Consultation, or thinking about committing to a resolution or lifestyle change, just know that others and I are NOT judging you.

In fact, I’m cheering you on every step of the way as you gain realistic, small wins.

This ultimately amounts to a sustainable way of living, eating and being in the world.

Demonstrating that you’re okay with progress rather than perfection frees others to also be more gentle and compassionate with themselves…..

I will close with a question.
What is one area in your life you can let go of perfectionistic tendencies and extend yourself some grace?


Please reach out and let me know.