TulipsWith the arrival of Spring comes the blooming of so many different varieties of flowers and blossoms…different ones each week.  While this is so beautiful to experience, it can also be aggravating for those who deal with seasonal allergies.  One of my favorite remedies for respiratory allergies is ‘Super Nasya Oil’, from the Ayurvedic Institute.  It is a wonderful and effective sinus oil that Dr. Lad formulated.  supernasyaoilBenefits include:  lubricating sinuses, preventing allergies by protecting mucus membranes, balancing prana throughout head and body, relaxing muscles of face and neck, and bringing great focus to the mind.  Truly, there are so many benefits.  The suggested dose is 5 drops in each nostril, in the morning, waiting at least 10 minutes before/after food, bathing or sex.  Best to avoid during menses.  Super Nasya Oil is available at:  ayurveda.com.

When pitta season is upon us, we explore the active principles of pitta dosha.

It is during summer that pitta dosha, inherently driven by solar force, is most predominant.It is comprised of the fire and water elements.

Pitta dosha is the expression of radiant energy, both within our bodies and in the universe.

Pacifying pitta during the hot summer season requires living in harmony with the inherent rhythms of Nature and observing patience and compassion with ourselves, others and environment.

One more Ayurvedic gem about supporting healthy Pitta dosha is: ‘Balance effort with surrender’. The very nature of Pitta is to constantly strive and achieve, with passion and persistence.

Surrendering to the flow, breathing and replenishing ultimately lends to a calm, clear mind and body. In this way, our efforts are coming from a grounded and strong place.

And, remember to walk in the moonlight… cooling and nourishing to the whole self.

Steamy Wonder Steam Tent 

I have recently acquired a new steamy wonder steam tent for my practice. Steam treatment, ‘svedana’, enhances Abhyanga treatment and is an integral therapy in Panchakarma.

The client can remain lying down on the massage table after massage. In the hot steam unit, I add herbal teas and essential oils. It feels great, especially in the cooler months of the year.

Svedana is included in the ‘Day of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation’ and ‘Panchakarma’. 

Svedana is an additional $45 add-on to other treatments   You are welcome to come try it out!

Seasonal to fall:

Many people I’ve been talking with are noticing that they have felt a lot of dynamic energy and enthusiasm lately. One’s internal state as well as external, environmental factors influence how we feel. I know that I have felt pulled toward a multitude of activities and opportunities. When this is happening, I try to pause and ask myself: ‘Is this giving energy and nourishing the larger picture or is it taking energy away and potentially depleting me?’ From there I make my decision to go forward or not. During this cooler and active Vata season, Ayurveda advises taking rest, enjoying warming foods & drinks and applying oils, both internally & externally.