TulipsWith the arrival of Spring comes the blooming of so many different varieties of flowers and blossoms…different ones each week.  While this is so beautiful to experience, it can also be aggravating for those who deal with seasonal allergies.  One of my favorite remedies for respiratory allergies is ‘Super Nasya Oil’, from the Ayurvedic Institute.  It is a wonderful and effective sinus oil that Dr. Lad formulated.  supernasyaoilBenefits include:  lubricating sinuses, preventing allergies by protecting mucus membranes, balancing prana throughout head and body, relaxing muscles of face and neck, and bringing great focus to the mind.  Truly, there are so many benefits.  The suggested dose is 5 drops in each nostril, in the morning, waiting at least 10 minutes before/after food, bathing or sex.  Best to avoid during menses.  Super Nasya Oil is available at:  ayurveda.com.