When pitta season is upon us, we explore the active principles of pitta dosha.

It is during summer that pitta dosha, inherently driven by solar force, is most predominant.It is comprised of the fire and water elements.

Pitta dosha is the expression of radiant energy, both within our bodies and in the universe.

Pacifying pitta during the hot summer season requires living in harmony with the inherent rhythms of Nature and observing patience and compassion with ourselves, others and environment.

One more Ayurvedic gem about supporting healthy Pitta dosha is: ‘Balance effort with surrender’. The very nature of Pitta is to constantly strive and achieve, with passion and persistence.

Surrendering to the flow, breathing and replenishing ultimately lends to a calm, clear mind and body. In this way, our efforts are coming from a grounded and strong place.

And, remember to walk in the moonlight… cooling and nourishing to the whole self.