When I reflect on my values and commitments in life, the words that immediately come to mind are: integrity, clarity, compassion, freedom, service and flowing love and happiness. When I look at these words, I realize they nearly add up to define the Sanskrit word: Sattva.

Sattva  is one of the three universal qualities of consciousness. The translation of Sattva is: purity, clarity, balance, wisdom and essence. Sattva can be enhanced through our daily choices around how we utilize our energy. 

I think of Sattva as the opposite of stress. Where stress zaps our essences, Sattva maintains them. 

In my Ayurvedic practice, I aim to help my clients restore balance and Sattva in their lives. I invite you to reflect on the areas in your life you would like to nourish with more Sattva. And…observe gratitude for the amazing life you have already created!