Sattvic Foods, Remedies and Practices for a Blissful Life 


Featuring Sattvic Rituals To Stabilize the Mind and Body

In Part Two, I shared about herbs and remedies to promote Sattva and how rejuvenating herbs impact the mind and body. In Part One, I shared about foods to promote Sattva and how food impacts the mind.


When we explore cultivating Sattva, it is useful to consider your daily practices and rituals, which are also a valuable part of your overall self-care program. Activities that stabilize the mind and support rejuvenation can be added to your daily routine. Perhaps you already enjoy various morning and evening practices, or sadhanas.



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“A meditation practice or other reflective activity is also key, as it allows one to step out of the stresses of daily life and into one’s true divine nature.”

Again, Sattva is the quality of truth, clarity, intelligence, equilibrium, stability, virtue, and goodness. Sattva brings a feeling of happiness, contentment, love, and devotion. Sattva creates clarity in the mind, through which we perceive the truth of all things.


Sattvic and Stabilizing Daily Practices


Ayurveda strongly recommends bringing the beloved Self-Abhyanga oil massage practice into your day, for many people. Abhyanga is both nourishing and energizing, adding to the body’s ability to age gracefully. It also provides grounding qualities for Vata and the nervous system. Rejuvenating massage oils include sesame oil, sweet almond oil, Ashwagandha-Bala Oil or Vata Massage Oil. Learn more about Self-Abhyanga HERE.


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Healthy, adequate sleep is of utmost importance to allow the tissues to repair and renew. For deep sleep, maintain a consistent daily bedtime and waking time. It is also very helpful to massage the feet with oil before going to bed.  Consider leaving all electronic devices outside the bedroom while you sleep too.


Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation
Grounding yoga such as twists, legs-up-the-wall and gentle sun salutations support balance and rejuvenation. Sattvic pranayama practices include Full Yogic Breath, Nadi Shodhana and Bhramari (Bee Humming Breath).


A meditation practice or other reflective activity is also key, as it allows one to step out of the stresses of daily life and into one’s true divine nature. In this place, you are able to access your intuition and inner wisdom. Regular meditation provides lasting stability and Sattva.


In addition to Sattvic daily practices, we previously learned how Sattva can be cultivated through eating a healthy diet and taking Sattvic and rejuvenating herbs. 


When we put our attention on cultivating Sattva, we raise our vibration and good things come to us and those around us. You can read my full article about Sattva, Food and the Mind HERE.


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May all beings in all places be happy and free!